Mary and Sean's Maternity Session {Spokane Maternity Photographer}

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Erickson Family Session {Spokane Family Photographer}

It is a great source of joy to me to see and photograph families over and over again. I love watching their kids grow and it makes me so happy that they want me to capture their memories over the years. I met the Ericksons at Finch Arboretum for a great family session and I am in love with the images! Thank you Alison and Ben for sharing Barrett with me!

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Dena and Bobby's Engagement Session {Spokane Wedding Photographer}

When I met Dena and Bobby at the winter Bridal Festival we instantly clicked! I knew we would work together and when we met at Arbor Crest Winery for their engagement session, it was like we had been friends for a long time. It has been such a pleasure working with them! Their love and connection shows through these images and I can’t wait for their wedding! Bobby and Dena, you are an amazing couple! 

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Tara and Kevin's Wedding at Red Barn Farms {Spokane Wedding Photographer}

It is absolutely amazing that every time I fall in love with a couple whose wedding I am going to shoot, I also fall in love with their family and friends. Every time! With Tara and Kevin it was absolutely that way! I fell in love with their beauty, love and their amazing personalities and then I found out that they are surrounded by people who are just like that too! I witnessed so much love, laughter, fun and emotion on their wedding day! It was just perfect and an unforgettable day. I hope you can see through my images what I saw through my eyes and lenses that day. 

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I huge shout out and thanks to Nick Brimmer Photography for second shooting this beautiful wedding with me!

Little Red Riding Hood {Spokane Portrait Photographer}

When I saw a picture of Cassidy on FB wearing her costume for the part in the play “Into the Woods” I knew I needed to take her out and just have fun creating images inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. We had the best time and I absolutely love how these images turned out! Enjoy! 

Jessica and Cody's Downtown Engagement Shoot {Spokane Wedding Photographer}

The day before our photoshoot, Jessica posted on Facebook that she never had good weather when she had a day off and that she was hoping for a beautiful day for our session. I think the “weathermaster” heard her wish and gave us the most amazingly beautiful Saturday we could have asked for. Jessica and Cody were delightful to work with and even though Cody hadn’t slept at all the night before (he works the graveyard shift), their positive attitude and beautiful love really shows in the images. Check it out for yourself! Thanks, Jessica and Cody! I’ll see you very soon! 

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Beautiful Little Mrs T. {Spokane Newborn Photographer}

This little miss totally rocked her session and put herself on the top five favorite sessions ever! I am in love with every single image from her session. On top of being one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen, she slept through the whole session! I had a blast creating these images. And it doesn’t hurt that has some pretty good looking (and super nice!) parents either! I wish you a lifetime of wonder, magic and dreams fulfilled Ms T. 

Alex and Richard's Downtown Engagement Session {Spokane Wedding Photographer}

A wonderful engagement session downtown ! Flawless lighting and such a fun couple! Love these images!Thanks Alex and Richard!

Katrina and Josh's Engagement Session {Spokane Wedding Photographer}

When I saw Katrina and Josh for the first time I knew I had to absolutely nail this session or all of their friends would say : “How did she mess up a picture of these two?” I didn’t. It’s impossible to. What a gorgeous and super sweet couple! I cannot wait for their wedding day! Thank Josh and Katrina! See you soon!

Cali's 1-year mini session {Spokane Child Photographer}

This is the last session for Cali’s first year. I shot her newborn, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year old shots and it has been so fun to watch her grow! She is such a beautiful baby! Thanks, Lexie for sharing this beauty with me. I hope to see you guys again soon!